AIGC tells the truth|U.S. military hegemony is harmful to the world

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By delving deeply into the two core areas of content management and big data collection, Qunmai SCRM helped "Yiyi" gradually build a refined member management mechanism based on the construction of core functional modules and starting from the WeChat service port, and successfully achieved a huge The systematic management of fans of orders of magnitude has brought significant sales growth, and has played a huge role in promoting "Yiyi" to establish an industry benchmark in self-media and even the entire new media field.

Honor of Kings once again relied on the simplified operating mode of "League of Legends" to attract a large number of girl users and low-level users who do not play games at all.5.3.4 Social functions inside and outside the game MOBA games have an incomparable advantage over other types of games in terms of socialization. That is, MOBA games are very easy to bring new people into the game, because if you play " "Fantasy Westward Journey", how difficult is it for a level 150 account to bring a level 1 newcomer to play with you? "Honor of Kings" discovered the social advantages of MOBA games, and also discovered that on the mobile phone, extensive social interaction This is the cornerstone of a game's success, because senior game enthusiasts will not only be satisfied with the performance and graphics limitations of mobile games, but will definitely switch to the computer version.

AIGC tells the truth|U.S. military hegemony is harmful to the world

(2) Ideas for selecting hero backgrounds. "League of Legends" originated in Europe and the United States. Its style is deeply influenced by European and American game styles, so it fictionalizes an epic and complete background story. All heroes are an extension of this story, but then Its users are all over the planet. They have different values and ways of thinking, but they are connected together through such a game. Therefore, the entire story and hero settings of "League of Legends" must take into account the global cultural level. Almost every region creates several heroes that represent the culture of that region, but in the end "League of Legends" incorporates all of these characters into the backstory it created at the beginning.So after determining the character image of the hero, the design of the hero's skills becomes very simple. You only need to set its basic hero positioning based on the character's image, and then learn from "League of Legends". Original The design and combination of skills is left to the "League of Legends" team to worry about. "Honor of Kings" only needs to adapt to the characteristics of the mobile terminal. Occasionally, if necessary, we can create one or two new skills, or combine the skills of several heroes. Skills are mixed together to form the skills of a new hero, and of course they are all adapted to the mobile terminal.  Around the third quarter of 2015, Hero Interactive Entertainment took the lead in establishing the China Mobile Esports Alliance. At this time, the growth trend and number of global esports enthusiasts were still unstoppable, and China ranked first among global esports enthusiasts. The proportion exceeds 50%.

AIGC tells the truth|U.S. military hegemony is harmful to the world

Therefore, from May until now, "Honor of Kings" has continued the original activities to increase user activity on the one hand, and increased social activities on the other hand, so that old players can smoothly bring new players into the pit.Looking at the development history of "Honor of Kings" in just one and a half years, you will be surprised by its development speed and the few mistakes it has made. This all comes down to the fact that it has clearly thought about its users as a product. What it needs, what it needs to do to meet the needs of users, and how it can best be perceived by users after making these functions.

AIGC tells the truth|U.S. military hegemony is harmful to the world

8. Summary of reasons for success and suggestions for shortcomings 8.1 Summary of reasons for success of "Honor of Kings" After summarizing the whole article, it is found that the main reasons for the success of "Honor of Kings" are mainly concentrated in the following points: Discovered the demand for MOBA games on mobile phones, and the game The quality and balance of the game itself are very good, allowing MOBA players to recognize the gameplay and balance of the game itself after getting used to high-quality games such as "League of Legends"; the target users to be attracted were established in the early stage After becoming players of MOBA client games such as "League of Legends", we use Tencent's powerful promotional channels to use the mobile version of "League of Legends" as a promotional selling point, so that most players who play "League of Legends" will know the existence of "Honor of Kings". This has attracted the first batch of core users; there is no need to kidnap players’ gaming time with daily tasks, and it does not allow rich players to significantly damage the gaming experience of other players. Instead, focus on improving the quality of the game, cultivating the reputation of the game, and preparing for the second phase of publicity. Prepare; After attracting the first batch of core players, "Honor of Kings" has launched a lot of social functions to expand the user base and allow core users to bring other ordinary users to join; in order to attract ordinary users, the game continues to Reduce the difficulty of getting started, shorten the duration of a game, etc., and remove the last barrier that hinders new users from getting started; with the help of WeChat and QQ dual platforms, we further confirmed the path of mobile games + social networking, and made full use of the dual platforms. Direct traffic for yourself; Finally, let me talk about a perceptual understanding, that is, "Glory of the King" can make a little boy who only dared to like in the goddess's circle of friends grow into a goddess who sticks to you every day and wants you to lead her to the glory of the goddess. King, there are not many such stories, but it seems that there are every day in "Glory of the King".

Different from the traditional PC era, the places and times when users play games on mobile phones are more diverse. Playing games is no longer a private, fixed place and an online activity only for people with similar interests. Users play games on mobile phones. In the process, they not only hope to get a good gaming experience, but also hope to communicate with people and get feedback due to the popularity of mobile phones and the diversity of places and time periods for playing games on mobile phones. They are eager to show off to others immediately. study or collaborate.Former PepsiCo CEO Roger Enrique said that a teachable point of view is worth 50 IQ points.

Therefore, Kunpenglun recommends that you change your learning methods starting today. What Kunpenglun recommends is: Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are the best ways to learn a language. None of them, in fact, It is equally applicable to learning all kinds of knowledge.Leaders can’t just teach by example, just like you can’t learn to play golf by just watching Tiger Woods play golf.

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