The configuration is better than that of joint venture cars of the same level. Kia’s new K3 starts at 110,000?

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This year, Bi Shenggang was in his early 30s, and while he was ignorant, he earned his first pot of gold in life.

So when we look back at the past, what is the reason that prevents the most common users from entering "League of Legends"? We can roughly think of a few points, that is, the complexity of operations brought about by the liberalization of character operations in "League of Legends", and the map view. The operational complexity brought by darkness and the phobia of choice brought by the diversity of equipment systems and stores."Glory of the King" is different, it is more realistic, or in other words, it is an extension of real social interaction, rather than a new virtual world.

The configuration is better than that of joint venture cars of the same level. Kia’s new K3 starts at 110,000?

Therefore, the specific strategy adopted by "Honor of Kings" is: It adopts a dual-roulette plus locking operation mode. Although it involves infringement, it is indeed an operation mode very suitable for novice users. Normal attacks do not require selecting a target, just click Just click it, because it will automatically attack the nearest target, and whether it is a pointing skill or a non-pointing skill, you do not need to select the target, you only need to click it, because it will automatically select the enemies within the range. Compared with mobile games The point-and-click mode of "Vainglory" and the non-targeted skills of "League of Legends" are very suitable for novice players to get started; purchasing equipment is simplified, no need to return to the city, no need to know which equipment you should buy, or even open the equipment. In the store, the system directly presents the currently recommended equipment for purchase to the player. All the player has to do is click on it, eliminating the anxiety of novice players when facing a large amount of unknown equipment information; canceling the fog of war, because novices are unlikely to be able to understand it. What is "eye-inserting", and it is impossible to make good use of "eye-inserting", a very important function on the PC, very quickly, so "Honor of Kings" directly canceled the "eye-inserting" function, just to Considered by novice users; Provides quick chat methods such as tags, voice and preset sentences to simplify communication costs between players; Simplifies the number of skills. Compared with QWERDF in "League of Legends", "Glory of Kings" only has three A hero skill and two general skills, one of which is a blood recovery skill in a non-combat state, further reducing the number of times players need to return to the city, thereby speeding up the pace of the game; removing the crystal setting in "League of Legends" further shortens the game duration; in addition to the strategies listed above, there are many small functions that are also designed to reduce the difficulty of entry for novices. I will not list them one by one here, but what I want to emphasize is that "Honor of Kings" only reduces the difficulty of getting started. It is a game that is highly similar to League of Legends. It does not reduce the core gameplay and operational requirements of MOBA games. It completely retains the 5V5 mode and the diversity of heroes and game maps. There are no obvious changes. It is still a game that requires operation and teamwork, and it is still expanding its playability through the diversity of heroes.However, most of the games on the market now, due to various complicated reasons, they put more emphasis on collecting money, and they can collect as much as they can, and then make the next game after the circle, and the real boutique There are still very few games, and only large platforms and companies are willing to wait patiently for product growth in the current Chinese gaming environment.2015.12.15 Added a new honor growth system, a new credit points reward and punishment mechanism, and you can send messages through mobile QQ/WeChat to invite friends to open a room together.

The configuration is better than that of joint venture cars of the same level. Kia’s new K3 starts at 110,000?

However, "Honor of Kings" is different. It originated in China. It is positioned for socialization and leisure, so it can weaken the background of the story, and its target group is young people and even teenagers, both male and female. All, then it just needs to think about what kind of heroes and background stories are suitable for these aborigines in the Internet age: First, if all Chinese people, at least young Chinese, are familiar with it; secondly, considering scalability, the characters There must be so many, these characters cannot have different copyrights; third, the psychology and aesthetics of female users must be taken into account; fourth, the characters cannot be controversial or negative; according to the above principles, we You can quickly eliminate some unsuitable design ideas. For example, you cannot use a single popular IP, such as Three Kingdoms, Naruto, and Journey to the West. These IPs are very popular, but not all young people like them, and the pattern is not big enough. ; Another example is like Civilization 6, which uses some famous figures from all over the world in ancient and modern times, such as Julius Caesar, Plato, etc. Young people in China do not have a high sense of identification with celebrities around the world.For example, various holidays are the best trends for game products. If you promote them intensively during holidays, you can achieve better results than usual.

The configuration is better than that of joint venture cars of the same level. Kia’s new K3 starts at 110,000?

Therefore, in the future, mobile games will definitely evolve towards high-quality and heavy-duty games. Creating a phenomenal brand to attract users’ attention is the best way out for mobile game manufacturers.

From the initial layered user testing and data verification, to gameplay adjustments and commercialization strategies, dual platforms combined with platform user characteristics, using big data to provide active support and professional advice to the project team; Yongyongbao has continued to refine its guidance, bringing a large number of new users to Honor of Kings.“Everyone has their own development trajectory. Even if they don’t have the experience of famous companies or schools to back them up, they have done many interesting things.

In addition to the relationship between Xinjin Venture Capital and the Huakedian team, Liang Qianqian’s recognition of Xinjin’s investment philosophy is also the reason why Liang Qianqian chose Xinjin Venture Capital.” As a result, Victoria C wealth management has developed rapidly, with stable risk control. It has experienced more than 3,000 issues, with a turnover of more than 1 billion, and zero bad debts. It has become a leader in the category of property rights crowdfunding.

The other is Wuhan Weipai Network. The "Snake Fight" that has been blowing up WeChat Moments since August 2016 was produced by them."Xinjin Venture Capital partner Hu Xiaochun said, "This is Xinjin's style of doing things."


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